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Health Effects of Cannabis

From clothing to food, cannabis is finding its way into every corner of the world. It has been a major component of the world’s economy for centuries. Cannabis can be utilized to treat epilepsy, pain and depression.

The most widely used illicit substance that is a major source of illegal drug use in America is cannabis. It’s been in use for hundreds of years. There are over 120 substances. We’ll break it into two major groups. The phytocannabinoids like CBD or THC can’t provide the sensation of a “high” however they can aid in the treatment of medical conditions. Cannabinoids from pharmaceutics which are found in Revelations Health & Wellness Center may cause users to feel sleepy and use less alcohol.

CBD has many benefits for your well-being. The results of a research study with mice that proved CBD’s ability to improve quality of life, and alleviating symptoms of depression, chronic pain and various mental disorders which are positive. We are beginning to understand how CBD can benefit everyone. While you might not be familiar with cannabis, do not be worried there are other factors involved. For example, too much sun exposure can result in the loss of important antioxidants.

Blood Pressure

The results of this research show that CBD has a profound effect on human blood pressure. CBD did not only reduce blood pressure during rest but also caused subjects to be more stressed during cold pressor testing.

Reducing Inflammation

CBD, also referred to as hemp or cannabidiol is a chemical which is present in hemp and marijuana. It’s been shown to help in the treatment of inflammation and nerve pain. These are two common ailments that affect people who suffer from them.

Preventing Relapse Drug or Alcohol Addiction

A surprising result was that CBD was beneficial for addicts to substances like alcohol and drugs. The study of 2018 revealed that CBD can help reduce stress-related cravings, anxiety, and relapse risk.

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Treatment of anxiety disorders

Everyday more evidence is being found to show the benefits of CBD. In a preclinical study carried out this year, it was revealed that this natural remedy could help treat generalized anxiety disorders as well as anxiety attacks, or social phobia that make you feel uncomfortable in certain circumstances such as public spaces that are a constant source of your anxieties for instance.

Preventing Seizures

CBD is proven to be a successful treatment for epilepsy. Recent research has demonstrated that CBD can reduce symptoms and frequency among epilepsy patients. This shows how far we’ve yet to go to cure these horrible disorders.


With promising results, CBD benefits are becoming more well-known. It has been found to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy as well as reduce the growth of cervical cancer cells ; it also has anti-tumor qualities which could benefit patients suffering from various cancers or treating tumors at earlier stages before treatment becomes harder due to the reduced chance of experiencing side effects.


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