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Know What Is Bullheaded Non-Fungible Token And How It Works

The market for non-fungible currency is growing. Everyday, new, however mostly of low quality, projects are being introduced to the market of NFTs. Bullheaded NFTs was born because of the desire to make something that can be considered among the best in the market, such as Azuki as well as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. We are extremely proud of our accomplishment. Read on to find out how you can join before the rest of the crowd.

What exactly are Bullheaded NFTs?

Bullheaded NFTs, 7,777 completely customized items, are designed to show bully breed dogs, in various styles, backgroundsand other characteristics. Each token is registered on Ethereum, following the ERC-721 standard. This provides security for ownership and security for future holders. The collection was created to replicate the popularity of other internationally recognized projects.

Bullheaded NFTs will accomplish that and more: the collection will not only include the most varied and stunning artworks in the market, but it will include a wide range of holder perks and advantages that will create natural demand and value for the BullHeads.

What’s different about Bullheaded NFTs different?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes BullHeads standout from other brands. We can’t slide past the sheer quality and diversity of the artwork that BullHeads feature. The designs are randomly derived from over 160 different traits and specifications, each BullHead has its individual character, with a the most vivid mix of facial expression, futuristic clothing, eyewear, weapon, and many more. The manner in which BullHeads look and feel actually resembles the most sought-after collections across the globe, which is predicted to boost their prices significantly after they’re publicly traded.

Let’s discuss the unique benefits and features that owning a BullHead provides. Our objective was not just develop intellectual property of high-value without utility however, but also to make complete use of ownership in digital form through NFTs and equip BullHeads with numerous advantages. As of the launch, these will include access to an exclusive club of world holders, blockchain-related perks and private events. There will be many more on their way in the realms of DeFi Gaming, P2E and BullHead DAO airdrops and more.

What is the plan of Bullheaded NFTs?

We’re proud to have a plan that promises amazing times. Bullheaded NFT’s future is looking like a fascinating journey. You’ll be sad to end.

How do you receive your Bullheaded NFT

Follow our social media accounts and get the BullHeads already minting for 0.7 ETC + gas. Then, pick up your coins at the public mint for 0.8 ETC plus gas. Join us on this adventure together. The Bullheaded community awaits your participation.

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