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Web Design Trends For Smart Business Owners

Mobile First

Designers and developers are beginning to make more sites with an emphasis on mobile as the majority of their revenue comes from that device. Designers and developers who are involved in web design or web development should have previous experience with designing mobile websites. This is due to the fact that it makes it easier to develop apps that fit smaller screen sizes.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

May flowers are awaited by April showers. This is the reason we’re experiencing rounded corners and more vibrant colors on websites. Backgrounds have evolved from using 90deg angles for design elements , such as profile avatars or form input. Nowadays, you can make use of interesting perspectives to keep users engaged. It is crucial to make sure that your website’s layout is consistent with the latest trends. This will help build trust between your potential customers and you.

More animations, interactions and interaction

jQuery and other web technologies are making animated websites more popular. These scripts permit you to enhance your website beyond simply a platform for reading printed texts. They also allow interaction between the user (and elements of the page) that was previously limited by the capabilities of images.

The web has become increasingly interactive. You can make your website more interactive with pages that transition, slide information panels, or simple animations. This is a great way to add life to your website without having to stick to the outdated 1990s-style. The increased interactivity from techniques such as these will help direct users to more revenue-generating functions on a website which could allow you to achieve an increase in your per-visit (RPV).


The use of the HTML 5 video tag is growing popular as companies want to protect their site traffic and not transfer them to other sites. The rise in platforms to host video content (including streaming) has seen more companies think they can handle this sort of thing more effectively than they could before using other technologies , such as YouTube or any other third-party provider that could cease to function at any point, and using tags like this allows companies’ videos to be integrated seamlessly to its site, while giving you wider player selection options.

Video backgrounds

Video backgrounds are becoming more popular. They can be used of the advantages of video backgrounds and increase customer engagement. Video backgrounds can improve conversion rates as they provide more information about a business with a smaller footprint than conventional images. It makes it more convenient for customers to view videos, even if aren’t able to read text.

Backgrounds with video are an excellent option to boost branding and increase the number of customers who come back. They are useful for any kind of content, such as videos for marketing and eCommerce strategies.

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