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What Is Latency and Its Causes?

The latency measure is how long it takes your computer to react to actions, such as clicking on a link. Many people don’t notice any differences in their Spotify listening or video streaming but gamers may have problems due to delays. Satellite internet offers higher precision than wired connections. It means that players can experience slower performance from games because of high packet loss rates.

Latency is the delay between the input (in this instance , an anchor) and when it is delivered to others. The delay can influence your responsiveness when you play online video games or view YouTube videos online. This is because they may not be% accurate in timing, due to their speed when compared to fiber optic cables.

What’s the cause of Latency?

Gamers and end-users could experience latency issues. The latency is affected by factors such as distance between you (and the server) and other variables like Wi-Fi speed or the type of internet connection. It could also be contingent on the type of router/modem combination one utilizes – there are many available today! It doesn’t need to be complicated even if you are confused initially. We’ll explain every part of the process below.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time it takes information to move from one point in space to another. This is how far your system is from the server(s) that are providing the information required by your machine. If it’s not different enough, then you’ll be experiencing an increase in latency.

Propagation Delay

One of the most crucial elements that determine the amount of latency you encounter when you browse on your mobile or computer device is called “propagation delay.” It’s simple to think about it as a singular factor, but it affects all other measures of bandwidth and speed of connection that we consider, including download speeds (because they rely on receiving data packets returned from the place they’re transmitted) as well as uploads, which depend upon having an enabled network interface card the same goes with connecting wirelessly too.

Internet Connection Type

There is a very significant difference in the latency between the different kinds of internet connections. Cable, DSL, and fiber are slower while satellite is higher due to its architectural layout that demands greater physical space for transmission which means long wait times aswell as increased buffering capabilities on sites that you wish to gain access to such as videos or audio files, for instance.

What’s on a site?

Have you ever clicked on an advertisement and then waited for several minutes to see the site load? It’s because someone was trying too hard on their Angelfire page. Because they were glued to The Office memes all across it, it is now taking longer to visit it each time.

When you browse a website with large files such as HD videos or images, your web browser will need to download all these items. And if they are stored on a server located far from where you’re right now, there might be some delay due to the distance.

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