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What Is Sadaqah Jariyah, Charity Ever-flowing?

Islam is a way of teaching us that there are a variety of ways to donate and be given rewards. Sadaqah jariyah is one method to give back. It’s a form of charity that gives regardless of receiving a reward. For instance, if you plant seeds to grow trees, when they are enough they’ll offer shade on hot days or help keep warm during winter. So, your charitable acts won’t stop at a specific point in time but will last forever since their fruits continue to give the nourishment we need for our lifetime.

Jariyah is the Arabic word for charity. There are numerous types and types of jiraiya’s to donate to. Here are five ways we recommend you engage with this type of charity.

The sponsorship of an orphan or a child

Today, millions of children do not have an education and many haven’t been taught the essential skills required to be successful. It is unfortunate because the children who are left behind will not realize the value of education. We can help them reach their goals by offering high-quality early childhood development programs that will help them develop the foundations of being able to see the world from different views and how they are considered valuable.

It is essential that we collaborate in order to ensure that our children’s generation live better lives than ours today.

People’s contributions to their future generations are often forgotten. But it can contribute to prosperity and success for all. When you sponsor a child, you ensure they will have access to a quality education that will give them valuable knowledge should they wish to follow to pursue this route later on in life’s road; therefore making your sponsorship impact far-reaching beyond just those who get assistance through Child Sponsorship Programmes.

Education / Skills / Teaching / Spreading Awareness of Islam

Islam is a religion that rewards people who share knowledge. As Muslims we have a duty to care to our fellow Muslims. We have to share the right information about Islam to others in order to allow them to profit from God’s love through prayer and other means. The act of teaching someone how to read the Holy Quran is read brings you a reward even after your death. Every time your child shares or teaches another their motto, you are gaining. Do good deeds instead of just passing away one day.

Construction of a Water Well

Imagine living in a world that isn’t able to access safe drinking water. It’s difficult enough to get this basic need for daily living but what happens in the event that you were to lose it? It wouldn’t be possible to perform your daily activities or maintain healthy hygiene practices (think health). The situation becomes even more complicated when you consider the fact that many of the developing nations don’t have the resources on their own; they depend heavily on assistance from abroad which often comes with very no reward other than gratitude.

Participating in the construction of a Mosque, School, or Hospital

Many of those who are religious choose to donate to a mosque or a school to earn significant rewards. It is also possible to donate your money and time to help establish an orphanage. This is only one example of how giving back gives you more satisfaction than purchasing something that has all the prayers.

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