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Raven Quest: The Hottest NFT Free-to-Earn Game

Play-to-Earn (P2E) games generated around $2.5 billion in the capital in the first quarter of 2022, and it is predicted to exceed $10 billion by the end of the year, according to reports recently released by dAppRadar and the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). This exponential increase in the investment in blockchain-based gaming has attracted many developers and companies to create their own games based on blockchain.

The majority of Blockchain games that are available or in development are either not worth the effort or lack any meaningful playability. It is not unusual that players and even token holders may vanish within months of the launch of a game. This makes an investment unprofitable and the idea useless. This could result in a slow acceptance of blockchain-based games. While integrating blockchain functions is important, long-term adoption will only happen when game designers and developers concentrate more on creating an amazing game rather than using blockchain capabilities.

Raven Quest is an innovative GameFi project that focuses on the development of a blockchain-based MMORPG to ensure long-term adoption of blockchain by gaming communities and encouraging its players to play by the Play-to-Earn system.

What exactly is Raven Quest and how can you help?

Raven Quest is an open-world game that lets players participate and earn. It makes use of the polygon blockchain technology and provides an uncentralized gaming environment where players can stake out land and create their own homes and farms. It’s the first no-cost blockchain-based game. To access or enter the game, players need to buy NFTs or any other cryptocurrency.

Raven Quest enables players to gather resources in the form of NFTs, which can then be combined to create powerful weapons, and then traded on NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, players can collect Ravencards to build custom NFT gaming characters.

Raven Quest’s open-ended nature allows players to explore what they wish in a and dynamic environment filled with tales and puzzles. It also comes with a robust player-driven economy, that is powered by self-balancing algorithm.

Raven Quest’s Tokenomics

A GameFi project’s tokenomics is essential for its long-term success. This is particularly true for MMORPGs. Raven Quest has a single tokenomics system and a community-driven economy that uses its innovative self-balancing system called the Tradepack system.

$SBT Token:

Raven Quest incentivizes its players using the Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) cryptocurrency tokens. Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) is the game’s in-game currency, is able to be traded to gold coins through their marketplace.

RavenQuest will provide you with the opportunity to earn $SBT daily. It is determined by what you do, the kind of activities you engage with the public and how much passive income you are able to earn.

There isn’t an established exchange rate for Gold and $SBT due to the fact that RavenQuest is aware of the constant rising inflation. Instead $SBT is a fixed prize fund that is given to players who have played the game and won gold.

It is also possible to exchange $SBT for real-world cash, or use it to increase Gold earning potential by purchasing Estates, Mounts, Ships & Wagons, Workers, Ravencards and other in-game objects.

The Takeaway: Raven Quest Release Date

Raven Quest will be available in the third and fourth quarters of 2022. The game is currently in the fifth year of development, and has a huge online fan base.

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